Both Building Owner and Community Organization Action Plans

Request a street tree from NYC Parks

Property owners can have a tree planted on their street for free if they submit a Service Request though the NYC Department of Parks and Recreation tree service request system or by calling 311. Everyone making a request will receive an identification number to track its status. More information about the program is available on the NYC Parks website.
Street trees on residential block
Street trees on residential block. Source: NYC Parks.
Source: NYC Parks.

Organize to create alternative energy projects

By creating coalitions among private building owners, community organizations, and government agencies, neighborhoods can obtain grant funding to plan and finance alternative energy projects and energy storage facilities, which will sustain power and reduce the risk of outages during emergencies. Funding options are available in the Financial Resources of this website.

Obtain grant funding for high-priority mitigation projects

Building owners and community organizations can work together to obtain grant monies for projects to achieve risk-reduction goals in a specific neighborhood. Lists of government and private funding sources for hazard-mitigation projects are provided in the Financial Resources of this website.