How to Manage the Risk?

New York City takes an integrated approach to managing risk associated with coastal storms – a comprehensive plan that includes regulatory, water management, land management, and environmental policies in addition to public education initiatives.

Public-private partnerships and other collaborative efforts have been under way for several years to protect buildings and infrastructure in New York City from the high winds associated with coastal storms. New York City also focuses on increasing public awareness of risks from high winds and flooding during coastal storms, particularly among people living in flood zones and areas of greatest risk.

Two sections of this Hazard Mitigation Plan on high winds and flooding detail the actions taken by New York City to manage risks associated with coastal storms. Links to these sections are below:

High Winds

  • Regulatory Controls
  • Maintenance and Repairs
  • Environmental Controls
  • Promoting Preparedness


  • Regulatory Controls
  • Managing Surface and Groundwater
  • Protecting Buildings
  • Protecting Infrastructure
  • Coastal Defenses
  • Environmental Controls

A wide range of coordinated strategies are employed to cope with and recover from the multiple, varied social and structural consequences of these cyclical coastal natural phenomenon. New York City provides a complete, detailed database on the ongoing and planned mitigation activities and projects of dozens of City agencies. The link to this searchable public dataset is below:

Mitigation Action Database

Coastal Storms – Bibliography