How to Manage the Risk?

Managing an emerging disease or the release of an unknown biological agent relies on strong public health infrastructure and collective action across government, healthcare, and community stakeholders.

The New York City Department of Health (DOHMH) works to prevent, protect against, respond to, and increase the City’s ability to recover from public health emergencies. In a public health emergency, DOHMH works to:

  • Conduct robust surveillance and epidemiological investigations to detect, characterize, and monitor the emerging disease;
  • Provide New Yorkers with up-to-date and actionable public health messages to protect themselves, their loved ones, and their community during the emergency;
  • Support the healthcare system in meeting the needs of all persons in New York City during the emergency (including mental health); and
  • Provide widespread access to antivirals, vaccine, and medical material (as available).

DOHMH does this through partnerships with various city, state, and federal agencies, health care facilities and community leaders and organizations to better protect and meet the needs of New York City citizens.

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Link: Emerging Diseases with Epidemic Potential – Bibliography